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Although this article talks about office chair brands and manufacturers around the world, but we aim at office chair contract, wholesale and brands who plan to buy office chairs from China. If you are retailers or personal, I think you can also get some useful info here.

We will try our best to list details that we know about office chair industry in China, if you don’t get details you wanna from us, maybe we are just missing and not noticing the info to some degree. Anyway, let’s get start.

First, when you decide to buy office chair in China, you may search “office chair China” , “office chair manufacturers China”on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo or other Local Search Engines, on the search list, you will find many results that relate to your keywords, now you will enter into the first ranking: and

Made-in-China and are China top B2B foreign trade commerce websites, customers from global can find almost anything here. There are many office chair manufacturers setting up online stores on these two B2B websites, also including traders from different industries.

Alibaba Official Website

Made-in-China Official Website

These two B2B websites are almost same, you can enter anything you wanna know on the search bar and find results you like.

However, you will find many search results almost same, you can not easily distinguish them from different stores, and it’s also difficult for you to find real chair factories from them, in the end, you will be disturbed and puzzled which item and manufacturers you should select.

Useful Tips: First find one you like on and, then search all items that are similar to it on these two sites with function of Chrome image search on Google.

In fact, there are other method you can find real office chair factories with Google and get best price without do business with traders.

Keep in mind that there are three provinces that can made different chairs and furniture in China, list below:

  • Zhejiang Province(Anji)
  • Guangdong Province(Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan)
  • Hebei Province

From the supply side and market location, Zhejiang Anji is the main supplier of office chair industry in China, with excellent quality and good-price office chairs, Factories in Zhejiang main market in Europe, North America, South American and Austrilia and New Zealand.

Guangdong furniture, including table, chairs, sofa are sold around the world, especially tables and Sofa products etc,  their sales revenue ranks first in China due to low-cost labor and shipping cost near to Shenzhen and Guangzhou with an overwhelming advantage, but please note that Every Province in China has a policy of protecting local pillar industry by offering good tax policy. So Zhejiang Anji is able to offer different kinds of chairs from cost-effective to high-end chairs, besides, most factories in Zhejiang just like high-end products not bad products with cheap price. Anji and Foshan are both the birthplace of China’s modern furniture cluster and office chair manufacturing.

So you can narrow search with “Office Chair Guangdong”, “Office chair Anji”, “Office Chair Hebei” etc, just imagine as you can, and you will find lots of real office chair manufacturers offering best quality and design in China.

Next you need to know details about office chair, such as headrest, backrest, seating, casters,  armrest, base, gas lift, mechanism. What materials are these parts used and their price range. For chair appearance, you can ask manufacturers for product catalogue, real pictures and 3D model. The most useful tip is that you can find office chair styles on Amazon, Staples and then search it on, or their official website.


How office chairs are made?

What are office chairs made of? There are several types of office chair materials available, including fabric, leather, mesh, plastic, and wood. Each material has its pros and cons. Part of choosing the best chair is understanding its material. With that in mind, here’s the list of the best office chair materials available:

1. Fabric

Fabric office chairs usually come in two kinds, woven and knitted fabric. These office chairs are the most common type in offices worldwide. While it’s very attractive and comfortable, fabric material is susceptible to liquid. Just be sure to clean your chair properly should you experience any spillage while working.

2. Leather

Leather office chairs, especially the executive versions, is the embodiment of office luxury. Nonetheless, these chairs may come at a higher price compared to their fabric counterparts. Some companies, choose to go with synthetic leather to make them more affordable for their customers.

3. Mesh

Mesh has become a very popular material for office chairs. Mesh office chairs usually come in an ergonomic shape to provide support for the back. Because of their flexibility, this material is very breathable as they bring airflow to the user when seated. Nowadays, the best sellers in today’s market are made with mesh.

4. Plastic

Plastic office chairs usually don’t have features to support the user for long-time sitting. However, they are very compact and built for affordability. Often used in waiting rooms and common areas, these chairs come in a variety of colors and designs. Plastic chairs are cheap enough to be replaced regularly.

5. Wood

In today’s modern society, wood office chairs have become hard to come by. Known as one of the most traditional chair material, wood is considered very artisanal. However, wood office chairs lack ergonomic features and don’t support the user well for long hours of sitting.


1. Creating the Structure

The entire process starts with the creation of the structure of the office chair. Using a hydraulic-powered machine, a worker bends 14 gauge steel tubing to form the bottom cushion frame. The worker then joins the ends and weld steel bars to the middle. The bars will support the mechanism for adjusting the position of the seat.

The worker continues by hooking S-shaped steel springs from the front to the back of the steel frame. These sinuous springs will eventually provide a flexible web of suspension in the seat. The rods are positioned laterally and clipped to the springs for additional stability and support. The office chair seat frame is now complete.

Next, a worker starts building the office chair’s back frame. The frame includes a spine lumbar support, armrests attachments, and other parts depending on the design. The worker then grinds spurs and other rough spots from the steel. Combining the seat frame and the back frame, the structure is finished.

2. Creating the Upholstery

In the upholstery department, another worker smoothes the leather hide so that it sits evenly on the cutting table. The worker cuts out the patterns following cardboard templates. As the worker cuts, he works around the natural flaws in the hide, making calculated decisions to minimize waste.

By cutting carefully, the worker will be able to get the leather needed for one chair from a large piece of hide. This is an important part of the manufacturing process, because color and grain can vary from hide to hide. Using pieces from the same hide will give the chair a consistent look and texture.

Once all of the leather pattern pieces have been accumulated, another worker cuts foam cushioning for the backrest. The density of the foam in the chair varies. The worker will use more rigid foam for the chair’s contoured cushioning, so it will hold its shape.

The worker has to make calculated decisions when cutting the leather hide to ensure uniformity.

Another worker selects softer foam for backrest cushioning. Depending on the design, the worker will cut slits into the softer back padding. This creates channels that will ultimately become a design feature. Using chalk, he draws lines to the corresponding leather that matches with the slits on the foam.

A different worker will then align the chalk lines in the leather with the slits and puckers the leather as he sews the backing to it. This forms a ribbed pattern in the upper half of the office chair upholstery. The worker stitches the padding flat to many of the other pattern pieces. This particular part is the side panel for the back of the chair.

Returning to the upholstery with the ribbing, the worker will sew contoured casings to each side. To complete the backrest of the office chair, several workers add a chipboard panel and encase the structure with foam. The workers then cover it with the leather upholstery. The upholstery is now complete.

3. Final Assembly

Once the chair seat has been upholstered, an employee installs a plastic cover to enclose the back. The employee screws a sliding plate to the base. This mechanism will work in conjunction with the plate, to slide the seat forward and backward, depending on legroom needs. It also has features for adjusting the tilt and height of the seat.

Next is the hydraulic cylinders for adjusting the seat height. It’s important to take extra care during this process to avoid unwanted accidents for the user. The cylinder also doubles as the office chair’s stem. It also swivels to allow the seat to rotate 360-degrees. The employee attaches the aluminum base to the cylinder and snaps the caster into slots in the aluminum base.

If the office chair is designed with an automobile style headrest, the worker will fit prongs into the backrests in the chair frame. Finally, the worker locks the armrests into the frame. Voila, one leather office chair is ready to make someone’s desk job a lot more comfortable.


In order to get the most from your business relations with a Chinese office furniture manufacturer, it’s important to have a sound grasp of the industry and understand how it has developed. That way, your company’s decision-makers will have the information necessary to make lucrative purchases from China. Our guide will include important data about each Chinese office furniture manufacturer such as:

  • Time of establishment
  • Product range
  • Enterprises operations
  • Key customers of the suppliers

The data is referenced from the following sources:

  • Chinese Customs
  • State Administration for Market Regulation
  • Official website of office chair companies
  • Interviews with experts in the field of office furniture and Interviews with salesmen of office furniture companies

Office chairs are always in the leading position of office furniture, both at home and abroad. China’s office chair market share accounts for about 31% of the whole office furniture market.

Top 10 Rankings List:

1.Kuo Ching

Kuo Ching’s office furniture establishment was founded in1979,and since then the business has grown steadily along withTaiwan’s economic rapid development. During 1995, he stepped into China and started to set up his factory in Guangzhou, China. His achievements contributed to making him very successful in deploying an export-oriented business.

Registration Information:

Production Base:

Kuo Ching later built out his production line in Beijing, Shanghai, Cheng Du, and Heshan. Heshan Kuo Ching is amongst the biggest in scale office furniture companies.It occupies 220,000m2 land acreage.

2.Comfort Workspace

As Asia’s most dynamic manufacturer, Comfort Workspace has focused on high-end ergonomic chairs over the past 20 years. Comfort builds from strength to strength in the competitive commercial seating and office furniture market.

Registration Information:

Production Base:

With an area of 60,000 square meters, the company has the largest modern high-end net chair production base with independent intellectual property rights in China

3. BOKE Furniture,Best cost-effective office furniture manufacturer

BOKE office furniture has been in China for 20 years, and the company focuses on providing the best and most cost-effective office furniture. Since 1999, it has been producing office chairs and providing OEM & ODM services. Today, their customers and products extend to finance, education, science and technology, government agencies, and other industries. Due to its continuous investment in talent, technology, research and development, BOKE has become the top office furniture manufacturer in China.

Registration Information:

Production Base:

Located in Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan City with a production base of 50,000 square meters. They use the best materials, the best technology, and have the most reasonable costs to obtain. Known for extensive customer trust. is a professional furniture company that is dedicated to product planning, R&D, manufacturing, and customer service. Worldwide, provides professional seating and office space solutions.

Starting in the year 2003, the company president Mr. Endison Lu committed to in-house R&D and innovation. Their originally designed products were highly respected and recognized in the industry for their classic design and stable quality.

Registration Information:

Production Base

The production bases in Qiantang’s new area, Haining and Xiaoshan, have a building area of 300,000 square meters. The production hardware has reached the international leading level through sound upgrading practices over the years.

5.Kentec Seating

Kentec is located in Dongguan City. The company specializes in modern office seating, and they have earned fame in this field. They have contemporary style fabric sofas and leather sofas.

Registration Information:


Merryfair was established in 1974 to manufacture component parts, and it ventured into making office chairs in 1982.The company soon became a leading office furniture manufacturer in Malaysia, and it successfully exported office furniture to the international market beginning in1985.

Their quality control is stringent and methodically carried out at every stage of production. A significant portion of the manufacturing process is undertaken internally. This process not only enables them to respond quickly to customer’s requirements with intelligent solutions, but it also allows them to control the quality of the product they deliver.

Registration Information:

Production Base


Main Products

ASIS provides exquisite products, leading ergonomic designs, and comprehensive office seating solutions.The company currently sells high-end office furniture to many multinational and Fortune 500 companies.

They focus on the R & D and design of their products. They make products that are safe and comfortable, due to their paramount emphasis on quality. Every product has passed multiple international testing standards, and ASIS has registered numerous patents in Asia, Europe, and America.

Registration Information:

8.Lian Feng

Lianfeng is a company that focuses on product design, production, and sales of office chairs.

The company was founded in November 2003, and after five years of hard work, the company evolved from the original dozens of people to more than 600 employees of which nearly 30 are professional and technical personnel.

The company adheres to the production of high-end office chairs, and it strives to create the highest value for customers, committing to providing customers with high-quality products and services at home and abroad.

Registration Information:

Production Base


UE Furniture Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in professional R&D, production and sale of healthy chairs. Its products mainly include office chair, massage chair, sofa and functional chair fittings. As one of the biggest chair suppliers in China currently,

Registration Information:

Production Base

It covers an area of nearly 140000 m2, with building area of 178000 m2


Sitzone is a large modern office furniture group with R&D, production, sales, resource integration and service. Providing a wide range of products and services. The headquarter is based in China furniture material centre town, Longjiang, Shunde. The company consist of Longjiang, Xiqiao production base ,

Registration Information:

Production Base

The company has a total area that covers 220,000 square meters.

Main products:

Their products mainly include office chairs, massage chairs, sofas, and functional chair fittings. As one of the biggest chair suppliers currently in China, they provide quality products used all over the world.