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Multi-Task Control

Posture Controls

Multi-Task Control

Adjusts seat and back angles independently with a single lever (infinite locking within a fixed range). Simultaneously adjusts the angles of the seat and back using a single lever to provide customized support.


  • Because the Multi-task requires a single lever, operation is easy to comprehend.
  • However, it must be considered that the chair has no open tilt function, so the user sacrifices the ability to rock in an open mode.

How To Use:

  • Raise the lever next to the pneumatic adjustment.
  • Both the back and the seat will go into an “open” mode.
  • To engage the tilt lock in any position, press the actuator down.
    Tilt your upper and lower body into the optimum position, then release the lever. There is no “open tilt” position.

Recommended Position:

  • Variety is the key to the use of this control. Frequent changes in seat and back angle are recommended.