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Back Height Adjustment

Proportional Adjustments

Back Height Adjustment

Regulates the height of lumbar support relative to the seat cushion.

Moves the seat back rest up or down to fit various body sizes.


  • The lower (lumbar) region of the spine should generally have an inward cure (lordosis). This curve is minimized when seated, placing extra stress on the lower vertebrae.
  • A properly positioned lumbar support delivers external pressure to the lower back, helping the spine retain some of its natural curve when seated, and alleviating stress to the vertebrae.

How To Use:

  • Depending on model, the back height may be released by turning a knob, by engaging a handle, or simply by lifting the back cushion to the desired position.

Recommended Position:

  • Position the back cushion so that the forward most point on the cushion is placing gentle pressure on the lower 5 vertebrae on the spine.