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We are chair manufacturer founded in 2013.

We design and manufacture user-driven workplaces and learning and racing environments where different kinds of spaces support individual ways of working, learning and racing. We believe that an inspiring environment increases the joy of work, comfort, wellbeing and productivity.

Throughout our existence we have undergone a transformation from being an office chair and gaming chair manufacturer to becoming a partner for developing workplaces and learning environments. Our range of products and services covers the entire lifecycle of a customer’s premises, from defining needs to optimization during use.

Our aim is to offer our customers the best quality and service in the industry. The workspaces, learning and racing environments designed by us will remain fresh and functional for many years to come.

We work for happy and engineering products.

For us, it is important that people find joy in their work. Bringing joy to work is also the starting point for our design process.

The goal of our design is to find answers to organisations’ latent and future needs. We are constantly studying working environments and new ways of working. What an organisation might need today might be useless tomorrow.

We design with the end user in mind.

Our design process is characterised by working together, leaning on data and preparing for change. We focus on value creation for our customers and the environment. We create solutions which are easy to understand and use. Solutions which are long-lasting both in appearance and quality, and which are aimed at bringing people, space and information together, to create even greater collaboration, wellbeing and productivity.