Chair Done Better.

We love chair. It has a warmth and comfort that gives our homes and workplace life.

We are a manufacturer founded in 2013.

Supplying only the best in Office Chairs and Gaming Chairs to homeowners, wholesalers, and contractors world-wide, we are here to help you create truly special office spaces. From consultation to aftercare, your journey with us will be a memorable one, and we know this because we genuinely care.

Office Chairs

The Elegant office chair is a handy assistant in the office. Available in three different colors.

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Gaming Chairs

Commit to sustainability with manufacturing excellence and share the most comfortable gaming experience.

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Workplace as a Service


In changing times, flexibility is important. Learn more about our Workplace as a Service!


Make Your Space Adaptable Flexible Resilient

We help make the most of your space. Our solutions enable you to create the dynamic you want for the office environment, from efficient and sensible to collaborative and inspiring. We take care of the “figuring out” part of office furniture so you can focus on the moments that matter, and the work itself.
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Discover our preference


Finding the Right office chair is Easier than you think with lively chair functions.

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Source quality, lasting and forward-thinking materials that look and feel great.

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Game as a Recreation


In changing times, flexibility is important. Learn more about our Workplace as a Service!

The Journal

Track events, lean about activities and get vacation tips for your stay with us.

Interiors for offices and learning environments. Services for better workplaces.

Better workspaces – office chair, gaming chair and a wide range of services for improving efficiency and staff wellbeing at work, plus gaming amusement.

We are one of the leading experts in workplaces and learning environments in the Nordic countries. We design user-driven spaces which have been furnished with responsibly produced, high-quality items. Ergonomics and innovation are at the heart of what we do. Our design and specialist services cover the entire lifecycle of a workplace. Our extensive service range includes layout planning and office removals, for example.